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Declaration Resolution Expressing Outrage at Treatment of Decorated Soldier who Made the Supreme Sacrifice for his Country and demanding full Compensation, Proper Healthcare and Appropriate Honor and Respect due for Ryan LeCompte and all United States Military who Return Home Wounded from War.


WHEREAS, the Great Plains (formerly Aberdeen Area) Tribal Chairman’s Association (GPTCA) is composed of the elected Chairs and Presidents of the 16 Sovereign Indian Tribes and Nations recognized by Treaties with the United States that are within the Great Plains Region of the Bureau of Indian Affairs; and


WHEREAS, the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association was formed to promote the common interests of the Sovereign Tribes and Nations and their members of the Great Plains Region which comprises the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska; and


WHEREAS, the United States has obligated itself both through Treaties entered into with the sovereign Tribes and Nations of the Great Plains Region and through its own federal statutes, the Snyder Act of 1921 as amended, the Indian Self-Determination Act of 1976 as amended, and the Indian Health Care Improvement Act of 1976 as amended; and


WHEREAS, the sovereign Tribes and Nation of the GPTCA place high regard on the protection and

safety of our People through law and order and justice, and


 WHEREAS, It has come to the attention of the 16 Sovereign Indian Tribes and Nations that our Soldiers who are serving in the United States Military are not receiving proper Medical care upon being wounded, and


WHEREAS, it is commonly known that the Sons and Daughters of American Indian Tribes and Nations of the United States enlist and volunteer for Military Action in a proportionate number higher than any other group of People, and


WHEREAS, the Warrior Society is an honorable and respectful part of the American Indian Life, and


WHEREAS, the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe has a Tribal Member who served proudly and honorably, participating in more than 160 Combat missions in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, was ranked among the best in the Thunder Squadron, served 8 years in the military with two  tours of duty in Iraq, and Received numerous awards and commendations including twice being awarded the ARMY COMMENDATION MEDAL (Baghdad, Iraq), and


WHEREAS, Ryan LeCompte gave the ultimate sacrifice in service of his country,  playing a key role in securing HVT’s during raids, taking weapons off the street and won praise from his Commanders for his “ability to lead, to work tirelessly without complaint, despite the long hours and harsh conditions, proving to be one of the platoons best soldiers!”, but upon receiving injury in the line of duty by IED, (Implosive Explosive Device), Ryan LeCompte returned home wounded with two Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (CPTS), and


WHEREAS, Ryan LeCompte has continued to endure severe mental and physical wounds without proper medical care by the Military, is continuing to suffer severe seizures, nose bleeds, problems with bodily functions, memory loss, and is wheel chair bound, and


WHEREAS, the Senior Officers at Fort Carson, Colorado and General Robert Mixon, Post Commander General rather than recognize and provide treatment for  this Soldier for his Military contributions and Wounds suffered, the Officers have stated “Get rid of dead wood” , and


WHEREAS, Ryan LeCompte and all soldiers who return from combat wounded are in jeopardy because of the lack of proper medical attention and disrespect for their service, wounds and sacrifice, and


 NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; that the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association hereby expresses outrage at the disrespect and lack of proper treatment for our returning Soldiers in the Military, especially after they have given their supreme sacrifice returning home from Iraq wounded mentally and physically, and


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association issues the following demands:


1. Justice for Ryan LeCompte and all returning soldiers who are wounded mentally and physically.  This justice would include Ryan LeCompte receiving complete medical and psychological treatments and benefits as befitting a United States Soldier and later as a Veteran.


2. Proper Treatment is given to these soldiers including restoration of any rank removed from them due to PTSD, TBI or other physical impairments.


3. Several investigation have already transpired including the Bi-partisan investigation Co-chaired by former Senator Dole and Donna Shalala entitled; “Presidents Commission on Care for American Returning Wounded Warriors.” The recommendations from these investigations be implemented immediately especially P. 7, No. 3; “to Aggressively Prevent and Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.”


4. These Soldiers must receive the highest category of treatment with full benefits rather than being cast aside or demoted or called “dead wood.”.


5. Call upon the US Congress to assure funding for treatment for mental health of our Military so the high rate of suicides will not happen.  (16 recently at Ft. Carson alone)


6. Hold the Military Officers accountable for what they are doing to our soldiers and the mistreatment of our Wounded.


7.  Calls upon the Congress of the United States to place a priority on funding for healthcare for the wounded soldiers and their families in particular, PTSD and TBI.


8.  Directs Ft. Carson to halt mistreatment of wounded soldiers and to provide care and treatment for PTSD, TBI and other mental and physical health conditions so there will be no more suicides.


9. Directs the US Department of Defense to implement the findings of the Investigative study with a report to Congress on the results within 60 days.


10. Requests the removal of the Commander of Ft. Carson for the mistreatment of the soldiers under his command and calling the wounded soldiers, “Dead Wood!”


11. Immediately work to overturn the climate and wrongheaded mentality at Ft. Carson and other military facilities that labels wounded soldiers as “Dead wood” and attempts to “get rid of them.”


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; that the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association hereby directs its Chairmen and Presidents to forward a copy of this Resolution to the President of the United States, Former Senator Dole, Donna Shalala, the Secretary of Defense, Members of the United States Congress, the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, the House Resources Committee, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the Congressional Delegations of the Great Plains Tribal Nations, and


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; that the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association calls upon the Associated Press, the Media and all the American Indian News Media to Report the Reality of this abuse and lack of treatment for our  returning soldiers, especially those who are “the Walking Wounded.”


NOW, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED; the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association call upon other Tribes and Indian Nations to join with us in all efforts to respectfully see that proper care and respect is given to  our Soldiers and Veterans who have made this supreme sacrifice.


Resolution No. 15-09-06-07




This resolution was enacted at a duly called meeting of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association held at Bismarck, ND on Sept. 6, 2007 at which a quorum was present, with 8  members voting in favor, 0  members opposed, 0   members not abstaining, and 8 members not present.



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